Thursday, July 18, 2019

LRC FPR #4 Results and Fun!

The Whole LRC FPR #4 Crew

Thanks to those who made it out to LRC’s FPR #4 last Saturday! We had over 40 shooters and great conditions overall minus a minor Thunderstorm Scare. 

Jared Miller pulled off another solid 1st place finish! Congrats Fella!

Ryan Harms, Carl Ross and Steven Kreyenhagen duked it out for close 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishes. 

Levi Keyes took Top Hunter honers and Juniors Thor Keys and Isabella Fabich shot very well for their first matches!
I big congrats to all our top competitors!
Link below to the detailed results on Practiscore.

Defiance Machine’s latest addition to their Sales Staff:  Roy Drew and his Wife Teresa Drew came down to see what an LRC Club match was all about. Let me tell you these two are great people not to mention impressive shooters!! Teresa was Hi Lady at the match with 57 points and 14th place and Roy Shot a sold 62. I sure hope we get to see more of them.

For Further info regarding our Season Standings and the Finale Match on August 3rd go here:

For a last chance at Series Outside Match Points register for Saturdays Butte FPR Here:

Jared Miller feeling really good about his Top Coors Trophy!!

 Ryan Looking like Cool Hand Luke with that 2nd Place Precision Trophy! Congrats Fella!
"Slacking" according to Carl Ross and he still walked away with a 3rd place performance!

Levi Keyes put it together for Top Hunter Honers! Well done Sir
Time for the Blooper Real!

Carl when Glen gets to close during the trophy exchange... outa here .. LOL

 Is that a Micheal Jackson Move Levi??
Well shit! Apparently Coors is way more impressive than that LRC 1st place trophy! 
Jared WTF

Hike to #19.. Holy Clover!

Stage 16, our favorite Pole Climb!

Stage 12, Carbine Spinner

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