Monday, March 26, 2018

MARCH 24th LRC #1 Results

LRC's first match of the 2018 Season is in the books! We had a great first venue with winds from 5-20mph and temps starting around 31 and peaking at 40' F. Barely a drop of rain fell even though other parts of MT got hammered with rain and snow.

Big thanks again to our fine MT based facility/event sponsors: Provided our trophies!! Thanks Cam! LRC Logistics/Mover Support Thanks Donavon!
  Mountain Tactical Logistics/Mover Support Thanks Jason!
  Dayspring Restoration, Logistics/Mover Support Thanks Mark!
  Harrison Gear, Prizes/Swag for all of 2017! Thanks Daniel!

Now to the match results:
(note we will be updating this to include station scores and photos when time allow's)

Precision Class: We had 26 Competitors in this class

Carl Ross            87
Grant Urick         78
Casey Ming        77
Brent Wood        75
Jerrod Winderl   70
Don Schmidt      66
Donavon F          65
James Garner      65
Jarred Toelke      64
Phillip Larson     60
Oliver L              59
Steven K             58
Chris Gittings     57
Levi Keyes         55
Seth Gibson        54   Nov-R
Seth McAnally   54   Nov
Andy Becker      51   Nov-R
Jeff Jones           46   Nov-R
Jason Olson       42   Nov
Dillon Kouf       40   Nov-R
Chris Sinclair    39   Nov-R
Jesse Johnson    36
Luke Griffis       35  Nov-R
Uriel Utter         35  Nov
Mike Morris      30  Nov-Senior
Brian Pulver      9    Nov-Senior
MD Glen D.      65  (non-compete)

HUNTER CLASS: We had 8 competitors in hunter

Jarrod Miller     27
Tyler Wood       26
Lane Meeks      23
Hank Fabich     20
Brad P              15
Ed Peretti         15
Brandon Fabich 9
Ryan Burger      3