Thursday, June 28, 2018

2018 LRC FPR #2 +Results Link

2018 LRC FPR Competition #2   "Results Link Posted Below"

We had a great second event for 2018! The day started with 35 shooters, sun, little wind and 50' temps. By end of day wind gusts toped 20mph, holding true to LRC's wind skill requirements!! We finished up with match awards by 4pm with a very successful first run of using the Practiscore Scoring System. When it works it's certainly a great tool for making a match run smoothly and efficiently.

Hope to see everyone on July 21st! Practiscore Registration is up.

A big thanks goes out to Mike Morris for really putting in the time to help LRC add target marker boards to the complete COF. He built and painted over 50 of the markers and helped us install them on the Range!!

The remaining gang after the awards!

Top Hunter Ryan Harms

Second Place Precision Brent Wood!

First Place Precision Carl Ross!

3rd Place Precision Peter Kneip!

FPR #2 COF Below
Please PreRegister for this event by using link below.
 Link. This closes as 11pm 6/29

*Rules of engagement, stage descriptions and score sheet. 6/30/18
-Upon reaching the station all shooters must ground their rifles in the designated safety zone determined by the attending RO.2-When shooter is called to the line the rifle MUST be held at Port Arms (Muzzle Up), magazine inserted, and bolt back. All gear to be used during stage may be resting on ground). No pre-sighting or body positioning will be allowed prior stage start time.3-Shooter box is limited to the Arms Reach line ether side of post (line must be approximately perpendicular to engagement cone of fire). Fore and aft positioning is limited by shooters muzzle and trigger guard. Muzzle must remain in front of post line and trigger guard behind post line. If there is a marked line use it, otherwise an imaginary perpendicular line will suffice. If no post fallow RO’s instructions or see Stage COF!4-On the word GO/Engage time will start and shooter may get into position and start live fire engagement of the station.5-During any stage that requires movement all bolt rifles must have bolt open before movement will be allowed. All gas rifles must have safety on and shooter must call out LOUDLY
“Safe on” 
before any movement.6-EVERY STAGE SHOULD BE EASILY COMPLETED WITH IN A TIME OF 35 MINUTES FOR A SQUAD OF 6 OR LESS SHOOTERS! We ask that you push your squad mates to keep moving along!7-To maximize fair play the shooting order for each squad at each station will be rotated first to last, only exceptions are for new shooters!
Scoring: See Individual Stations

Stage Order: Due to last minute course changes we will be shooting from stage 3, then to new stage between 3 and 4 (#1 for this match). 4 through 8 are in same order.