Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LRC 2017 FPR Series #2 BSRV Open

The first Annual Big Sky RV Open Rifle Golf Event is now in the books! I want to recognize first and foremost all the effort and financial resources put forth by the crew at Big Sky RV in Bozeman. Donavon and Kelsie Fredrickson really did a top notch job as the Title Sponsor and Hosts for this event. Kelsie personally made every one of the 40 lunches they provided on Sunday and Donavon did all the homework rounding up additional sponsors for the prize table while also donating $ for gift certs for low stage scores. As Facility Director I really hope LRC can continue to bring on more supporters like the Fredricksons! 
Check them out at http://www.bigskyrv.com 

This was the first event at LRC of its kind with respect to the golf style scoring system and indeed there were a few bugs to work out. I changed from the percentage system to a placement based system for calculating series points to help even out the large variances penalty scoring caused. We have already figured out how to weight the system to work much better for next years event so hope you’ll all be back!
Many thanks to all 33 shooters we had turn out for this LRC Series Match! With out you these events could not take place!! All the volunteer RO’s did excellent and we cant thank them enough for their time and assistance… Thank you all!
The weather ended up being decent considering the forcast, winds were 5-20 mph with Temps ranging from about 42’ to 60’ F with off and on clouds and blustery spits of rain.
Attached are all the results and station scores:
          Precision Class had a 3 way tie for 3rd
Carl Ross            1st     
Casey Ming         2nd
Eric Simplot        3rd
Jarrod Wanderl   3rd  (Top Novice)
Donavon F          3rd

Paul Stafford       (Top Senior)

         Hunter Class
Mike Yagelski      1st
Tyler Wood         2nd (Top Junior)
Paul Jarvis          3rd

As facility director here at LRC Montana I’d like to recognize all the additional sponsors supporting the range and this event in kind. Please thank and be sure to check out these companies and their products!! As they are supporting us!
        -Precision Shooting Systems Mover Donation
         -Mountain Tactical Company                  Mover Donation
         -Montana Metal Art                           Always Awesome Trophies!
         -Harrison Gear             Provided Prize table items for season!
         -Sievert Construction            Provided Gift Cert
         -Yellowstone Bank                Provided Prize Table Items
         -Murdochs                            Provided Gift Certs
         -Schnees Boots                    Provided Gift Certs
         -Warhorse Development      Provided LRC Gate Sign/Bags
         -Chase Fisher and Noreen Firearms donated Mill Dot master
                  and Mag Pull DBM http://onlylongrange.com 

Next match, Art of the Rifle Team Dual is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday July 22-23rd at 7:30 am. Pre-registration and payment will open on Monday May 15th on the website. This will be our first team event held on the LRC facility and will be designed to highlight our experience and capability to host a national level event! We hope you will put it on your calendars to ether shoot or volunteer RO as 20 are needed. We’re always looking for additional sponsors to come on board and donate what ever they can to improve our prize table and the overall event.