Sunday, July 22, 2018


2018 LRC FPR Competition #3   "Results Link Posted Below"

We had a fun 3rd event for 2018! The day started with 25 shooters, sun, little wind and 60' temps. As the day progressed wind only picked up slightly but the 90' heat, mirage and variable conditions caused plenty of challenge! We finished up match awards by 2:30pm with a very successful second run of using the Practiscore Scoring System. When it works it's certainly a great tool for making a match run smoothly and efficiently. Thanks again everyone for participation, with out your involvement these events would not be possible!

Gongrats to our top finishers!   

1st Brent Wood
2nd Tim Lund
3rd Seth McAnally

Top Hunter Ryan Harms 

High Novice Luke Griffis

High Senior Mike Morris
A big thanks goes out to Harvey Lewis, Ben Shomper Brian Pulver for putting in the time to help LRC get ready for this event! 
Thanks to for providing our trophies for this match. They looked great!
--Next LRC Match Aug 18th--

Brent Wood

Tim Lund

Seth McAnally

Ryan Harms