Monday, March 6, 2017

LRC FPR Series Event #1 "The Mover"

Results List for LRC’s March 18th, 2017 #1 Series Match
First LRC has a list for recognition of the Companies and Individuals that are helping to make the LRC Range and the events possible!  Please support the People and Companies helping to make all this possible!
Montana Metal Art and Cameron Marcoux! Trophies and Metal work
Big Sky RV and Donavon Fredrickson! Mover Pledge, RV Donation, Range Assistance, Prizes 
Mountain Tactical Co. and Jason McHann! Big Mover Pledge! Prize table items.
Precision Shooting Systems and Peter Kneip! Sponsorship of Mover System!
Harrison Gear and Daniel Harrison! Prize Table Items.
DaySpring Restoration and Mark Springer! Sponsorship Logistics.
Schnee's, Williams Plumbing and Brandon St. Clair! Past Prize table items and current Range Infrastructure Improvements 
War Horse Development and Chas Bales! Range assistance and Prize table items.
Paul Stafford of Currency Risk Management! Help with all scoring and reporting logistics.
Event Photos! Dan Mayland.. Thank you!
RO Help during this event! Jeremy Chvilicek and David Macheel... Thank you!
All those I somehow managed to forget to mention! :)
**Companies who helped out last year and hope to have back on board soon!**
American Reloading Co.    Swarovski Optic       AEM Precision    TACTIC    Braggin Rights Guns       

Carl Ross w 1st place Trophy
Sky Saffer Pulling of a Big Second Place Performance!

Jeff Cardarelle Taking 3rd!

Josh Montanye 

Whole Match Group after a day to remember at LRC. Looking North East from Station 3.

(Above)Winding up the day back at main gate just before doing awards.
Below is a screen shot of all the Stations Scores for shooters to review!

When: March 18th at 7:30 AM

Cost: $75 Precision and $55 Hunter (For prepayment, $85 and $65 if paid day of)
Where: LRC Montana's FPR Course (Just north of Three Forks MT)
contact us for directions!
Round Count: Precision Class is 95 rounds and Hunter Class is up to 55 rounds

Restrictions: Caliber limited to 300 Win Mag and Under, Velocities not to exceed 3150fps +/- 3%
*Hunter Class Rifles limited to 11.5 lbs scoped empty weight and magazine capacity of 5 rounds or less.
*In an effort to maximize fairness no mag changes will be allowed in hunter class, additional rounds must be single fed so keep that in mind for your gear prep/set-up.

Note: This is a club series event and points will be accrued over the course of the 2017 season. These points will determine the series champions at the 2017 December Finale Match.

LRC Montana's first FPR(Field Practical Rifle) Series Match of 2017! We are appropriatly naming this event "The Mover" because our new PSS Moving target system will be up and running. This is great news for all our area FPR shooters who want to get practiced up on how to engage moving targets!

Another new addition is the HUNTER Class. We decided there are enough avid hunters in our area that starting a class devoted to those who want more practical practice with the gear they take hunting is needed. There will be trophies for top three Precision Class Shooters and Top Hunter Class shooter. Hunter class targets will range from 100-700 yards and precision to 1075 yards. Sign up is on the Website
Hope to see you soon!

The crew at LRC