Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Feb 2nd Cold Bore Challenge Fundraiser

Side Match details! You don't need to be signed up for our LRC FPR #1 Match to participate in the Cold Bore Challenge.

8am Shooters Brief!

-Entry per round(each round could use up to 4 or 5 shots) is $20 cash.

-Winner takes 50% of Pot, remaining 50% goes to fund our moving target repair costs.

-# of rounds depends on interest but our goal is to keep length of event under 1 hour.

Immediately following our shooters brief for LRC's first match of the 2019 season all shooters, participating in the CB fundraiser or not, will proceed with all their match gear to LRC's primary long range tier. Those not participating in side match will be asked to assist with spotting and scoring.

-First 10 shooters will line up in prone position with next 10 shooters lined up behind them ready in waiting.
-First shot will be fired by a non-competing volunteer as to make it fair for first competitor. Then each competitor in Left to Right order, as they are instructed to engage target, will engage target with only one round.

              -A miss will eliminate you from the round.

              -Get an impact and you move on.

-On the next target the same process is repeated until only one shooter successfully impacts the chosen target. This shooter will be the winner of the first round. Subsequent rounds will be run if there is both sufficient interest and or sufficient time to do so!

-Only rifles that fall within our Muzzle velocity(< 3200 fps) and
Muzzle Energy(< 3300 ft lbs) match restrictions are eligible for the Cold Bore Challenge.

-Target distances will range from 600-1250 yards and 1-2 MOA in Size.

Questions? Email Glen at jack.inc.mt@gmail.com
900 yards, cold-bore with DRW 2014 7Zig-06. I held on left stand leg for wind!

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