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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LRC 2017 FPR Series #2 BSRV Open

The first Annual Big Sky RV Open Rifle Golf Event is now in the books! I want to recognize first and foremost all the effort and financial resources put forth by the crew at Big Sky RV in Bozeman. Donavon and Kelsie Fredrickson really did a top notch job as the Title Sponsor and Hosts for this event. Kelsie personally made every one of the 40 lunches they provided on Sunday and Donavon did all the homework rounding up additional sponsors for the prize table while also donating $ for gift certs for low stage scores. As Facility Director I really hope LRC can continue to bring on more supporters like the Fredricksons! 
Check them out at http://www.bigskyrv.com 

This was the first event at LRC of its kind with respect to the golf style scoring system and indeed there were a few bugs to work out. I changed from the percentage system to a placement based system for calculating series points to help even out the large variances penalty scoring caused. We have already figured out how to weight the system to work much better for next years event so hope you’ll all be back!
Many thanks to all 33 shooters we had turn out for this LRC Series Match! With out you these events could not take place!! All the volunteer RO’s did excellent and we cant thank them enough for their time and assistance… Thank you all!
The weather ended up being decent considering the forcast, winds were 5-20 mph with Temps ranging from about 42’ to 60’ F with off and on clouds and blustery spits of rain.
Attached are all the results and station scores:
          Precision Class had a 3 way tie for 3rd
Carl Ross            1st     
Casey Ming         2nd
Eric Simplot        3rd
Jarrod Wanderl   3rd  (Top Novice)
Donavon F          3rd

Paul Stafford       (Top Senior)

         Hunter Class
Mike Yagelski      1st
Tyler Wood         2nd (Top Junior)
Paul Jarvis          3rd

As facility director here at LRC Montana I’d like to recognize all the additional sponsors supporting the range and this event in kind. Please thank and be sure to check out these companies and their products!! As they are supporting us!
        -Precision Shooting Systems Mover Donation
         -Mountain Tactical Company                  Mover Donation
         -Montana Metal Art                           Always Awesome Trophies!
         -Harrison Gear             Provided Prize table items for season!
         -Sievert Construction            Provided Gift Cert
         -Yellowstone Bank                Provided Prize Table Items
         -Murdochs                            Provided Gift Certs
         -Schnees Boots                    Provided Gift Certs
         -Warhorse Development      Provided LRC Gate Sign/Bags
         -Chase Fisher and Noreen Firearms donated Mill Dot master
                  and Mag Pull DBM http://onlylongrange.com 

Next match, Art of the Rifle Team Dual is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday July 22-23rd at 7:30 am. Pre-registration and payment will open on Monday May 15th on the website. This will be our first team event held on the LRC facility and will be designed to highlight our experience and capability to host a national level event! We hope you will put it on your calendars to ether shoot or volunteer RO as 20 are needed. We’re always looking for additional sponsors to come on board and donate what ever they can to improve our prize table and the overall event.

Monday, March 6, 2017

LRC FPR Series Event #1 "The Mover"

Results List for LRC’s March 18th, 2017 #1 Series Match
First LRC has a list for recognition of the Companies and Individuals that are helping to make the LRC Range and the events possible!  Please support the People and Companies helping to make all this possible!
Montana Metal Art and Cameron Marcoux! http://www.montanametalart.com Trophies and Metal work
Big Sky RV and Donavon Fredrickson! http://www.bigskyrv.com Mover Pledge, RV Donation, Range Assistance, Prizes 
Mountain Tactical Co. and Jason McHann! https://tikkaperformance.com Big Mover Pledge! Prize table items.
Precision Shooting Systems and Peter Kneip!  https://www.facebook.com/peter.kneip.9 Sponsorship of Mover System!
Harrison Gear and Daniel Harrison! http://www.harrisongear.com Prize Table Items.
DaySpring Restoration and Mark Springer! http://calldayspring.com/service-area/bozeman/ Sponsorship Logistics.
Schnee's, Williams Plumbing and Brandon St. Clair! Past Prize table items and current Range Infrastructure Improvements 
War Horse Development and Chas Bales! https://www.warhorsedevelopment.com Range assistance and Prize table items.
Paul Stafford of Currency Risk Management! Help with all scoring and reporting logistics.
Event Photos! Dan Mayland.. Thank you!
RO Help during this event! Jeremy Chvilicek and David Macheel... Thank you!
All those I somehow managed to forget to mention! :)
**Companies who helped out last year and hope to have back on board soon!**
American Reloading Co.    Swarovski Optic       AEM Precision    TACTIC    Braggin Rights Guns       

Carl Ross w 1st place Trophy
Sky Saffer Pulling of a Big Second Place Performance!

Jeff Cardarelle Taking 3rd!

Josh Montanye 

Whole Match Group after a day to remember at LRC. Looking North East from Station 3.

(Above)Winding up the day back at main gate just before doing awards.
Below is a screen shot of all the Stations Scores for shooters to review!

When: March 18th at 7:30 AM

Cost: $75 Precision and $55 Hunter (For prepayment, $85 and $65 if paid day of)
Where: LRC Montana's FPR Course (Just north of Three Forks MT)
contact us for directions! lrcmontana.com
Round Count: Precision Class is 95 rounds and Hunter Class is up to 55 rounds

Restrictions: Caliber limited to 300 Win Mag and Under, Velocities not to exceed 3150fps +/- 3%
*Hunter Class Rifles limited to 11.5 lbs scoped empty weight and magazine capacity of 5 rounds or less.
*In an effort to maximize fairness no mag changes will be allowed in hunter class, additional rounds must be single fed so keep that in mind for your gear prep/set-up.

Note: This is a club series event and points will be accrued over the course of the 2017 season. These points will determine the series champions at the 2017 December Finale Match.

LRC Montana's first FPR(Field Practical Rifle) Series Match of 2017! We are appropriatly naming this event "The Mover" because our new PSS Moving target system will be up and running. This is great news for all our area FPR shooters who want to get practiced up on how to engage moving targets!

Another new addition is the HUNTER Class. We decided there are enough avid hunters in our area that starting a class devoted to those who want more practical practice with the gear they take hunting is needed. There will be trophies for top three Precision Class Shooters and Top Hunter Class shooter. Hunter class targets will range from 100-700 yards and precision to 1075 yards. Sign up is on the Website lrcmontana.com
Hope to see you soon!

The crew at LRC

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb 11th LRC Warm Up Match RESULTS - Details

 Chase F digging for another mag on station #6 (Spinner)

Competitor                                Place                          Score                                           
Brandon St. Clair                        1st                                59
Eric Simplot                                2nd                               54
Dan Mayland(High Nov)             3rd                                51
Mod Adahy                                 4th                                50
Chas Bales                                 5th                                46
Donavon Fredrickson                 6th                                45
Levi Keys (Nov)                          6th                                45
Jeff Cardarelle (308)                   8th                                41
James Garner                            8th                                41
Bret Lutkehus                            10th                              38
Jace Barret (Nov)                       11th                              37
Paul Benes                                 12th                              31
Chance Barret (Nov)                  12th                              31
Jason Flaherty (Nov)                  14th                              26
Ryan Neel (Nov)                         14th                              26
Drew Schwartz (Nov)                 16th                              24    
Chase Fisher (308)                     17th                              23
Jeremy Chvilicek (Nov)              18th                              17
DS (Nov)                                     19th                              6
RO’s & RO Assistants

Glen D (Match Director)****      N/A                                56
Paul and company hiking back to station #2

"Many thanks to all the shooters we had join us at the Feb 11th 2017 LRC Warm Up Match. There were 7 new faces to attend LRC Events with an additional 3 Novice shooters who helped RO at last years finale. It’s always great to see so many new shooters being drawn into this game!!
This was truly a winter event and on the brutal side, winds were 5-30 mph from the beginning at 8:30am and only finally let up to the 5-10 mph level after 3:30…. Last squad finished up around 4:15pm.
Temp ranged from about 29’ to 36’ F and station 6 still had significant snow on the shooting line! (It’s the movement stage and it was difficult not to slide when trying to plant yourself on a shooting mat).
A few guys got lucky and were squaded with Donavon F of Big Sky RV, as he shuttled them in a closed cab Kubota ORV! For the rest of us (well I rode my 4wheeler J) had to hike and be exposed to the elements the whole time. I saw a lot of big smiles and I know I had a great time practicing with Brandon! Sure learned a bunch about shooting off a tripod…. Basically I’d much rather not if I don’t have to!!
We all struggled with the wind and the scores showed it, but that’s what this Field Practical Rifle game is all about: Who can judge the wind the best along with solid fundamentals.
Big thanks to Mod Adahy for bringing Radio’s that actually worked!! I now know what LRC will be buying before the big match in July.

Ok, for everyone’s reference a perfect score for last Saturday’s COF would have been 111! So Brandon’s 59 pts = 53%. LRC will be continually doing our best to improve the course difficulty level so top shooters are getting closer to 70% on tough condition days and 90% one days with little wind. We really want everyone hitting more steel, certainly not as much fun when most of your lead is going in the dirt!
Next match is scheduled for Saturday March 18th at 7:30 am and we will be accessing from the match entrance on the south side. This will be our first points event of the 2017 season so hope you can reserve it on your calendars. Round count will be near 100 with Trophies, Cash and some prizes. Asking for preregistration/payment on website and this gets you a 12% discount. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon! 

Glen Demaray, LRC Director

FORMAT/RULE Changes: Scoring will be Individual, however we are going to run stations like a Team. Basically you can choose one other person from your squad to give you feed back such as wind/missed shots corrections, range/location of targets and even assistance in building your position.
-You may bring a partner specifically for this purpose, the only caveat is they must also be competing in the match.
-There must be at least one other competitor or RO (non-team member) on the spot to confirm impacts in order for any impact call to count to maintain fair play.
-You may choose to run any station with out a partner, but you will forfeit any under time feedback from the attending RO.
-Tripods will be allowed for rifle support on all stations EXCEPT #7 and #8.

Targets: All Reactive steel from 100-1075yards

Minimum Round Count is 80.

Entry Fee is $45 and you can pay on website with CC.
or pay with check/cash match morning. If you have not been to LRC in the past 8 months then you must sign a liability waiver and bring it with you, these can bee downloaded of our events page as well. Directions will be emailed once competitors have made some form of verbal or email commitment! jack.inc.mt@gmail.com

-Here is the Course of Fire: It's exactly the same as our 2016 Finale Event minus station 1(mover) and station 9(UKD on top of hill) plus changes above.