Monday, February 4, 2019


Detailed results linked here:   #1 Match Results    Feb. 2nd 2019

   36 shooters showed (12 brand new to LRC) for our first FPR match of the year and lucked out with exceptionally good weather. The day started out overcast, about a 15mph wind and 37' F, by noon temps had risen to around 44' with sun peeking out occasionally and wind dropped to a switchy 3-8 variable. 
   First place was supper tight and was actually a tie between our very consistent top dog Carl Ross and our 2018 Rookie of the year Jared Miller at 77 points (87 was perfect). Ultimately we had to go to the tie breaker stage where Jared barely edged out Carl by one impact to claim the top spot! Congrats to both these guys for shooting their butts off! Third went to another consistent top performer Owen Koeppen with a 75. Well done Owen!
   Top Hunter for this match with a score of 36 went to one of the dozen new faces that joined us. Congratulations Micheal Lingo! 

I want say how grateful I am to Mark Griffis. Mark stepped up big time this year and has offered to Match Direct the 2019 LRC Club Series Events!! That's huge for LRC and I ask that everyone graciously thank Mark for his efforts. This will take a large portion of the time burden off myself so I can put more time and focus on improving what LRC has to offer. Our membership is continuing to grow and our reputation as a premier Practical Long Range Steel Facility is now solidly established in the region thanks to Members like Mark!
 Ryan Berger volunteered his time and took a host of quality photos and we'll be working on a album for this years series. Thank you Ryan!
Next match is coming up on the 2nd of March and registration is now open. 
        Link:  FPR #2 Registration

**We are working hard at rounding up a solid sponsor list for both our Series Finale (Aug 3rd) and  Defy The Distance, our national PRS Match! If you have connections with any local companies who may be interested please send them our way!
      Currently on board
      - Defiance Machine
      - Schnee's
      - Benchmark Barrels benchmark-barrels
      - Montana Metal Art
      - Don Schmidt Contracting
      - Warhorse Development

And many more to come.... looking forward to seeing all of you again soon!

Jared Miller looking very satisfied pulling off the win by Tie Breaker Stage!
Carl Ross solid as always taking second by only one point on the Tie Breaker Stage!

Owen Koeppen Taking home 3rd Overall! 

Micheal Lingo took home top honers for Hunter Class. Nice work!

Friday, February 1, 2019


LRC competitors will be held to every rule below unless it directly conflicts with an existing PRS rule!
**It is the sole responsibility of the FPR Competitor to read, comprehend and implement LRC’s FPR Match Rules and Definitions!! These rules are meant to maximize fair play and enhance the overall enjoyment for everyone involved. Please do your part and learn them!** 

LRC Field Course and Match Course Rules:
  1. Maintain muzzle control at all times. Rifles should be carried muzzle up or down, magazines (even empty) removed from the rifle. The 120 degree rule must be adhered to at all times. No shooter will point their muzzle any more than 60 degrees off of the direction of fire in either direction. Some stages will be even more restricted for safety and could have a safety cone of as little as 80’ (40’ left or right of target zone), so please be aware! First offence will usually result in a warning, second offence will warrant a match DQ.
  2. We will be running a COLD range. No loaded firearms off the firing line at any time. 
  3. Shooters and observers must attend the safety briefing and sign a range release form.
  4. Mandatory hearing and eye protection! Even if you’re running a suppressor you must carry hearing protection with you and be ready to use it. Someone in your squad will most likely be unsuppressed.
  5. Safety is the first and highest priority before, during, and after all LRC competitions and is everyone’s responsibility. Anyone who observes an unsafe act can call a cease-fire at any point during the course of an event.
  6. No person shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the match. Any person found to be impaired and unsafe as a result of any drugs or alcohol will be directed to stop shooting and requested to leave the range. 
  7. No alcohol will be allowed on the course of fire.

Competition Rules
  1. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated at LRC events and may result in an immediate match disqualification. If you witness a rule violation please report this immediately to the attending RO or knowledgeable competitor. We must all strive to prevent violations as Fair Play cannot exist without this.
  2. A negligent discharge (ND) of a firearm may result in immediate removal from the competition. The stage RO may call an ND using his or her own judgment (examples include: the competitor was clearly not engaging the target, competitor was not behind the rifle when it discharged, competitor was not looking through the scope). Questions regarding an ND judgment may be taken up with the Match Director.
  3. During the course of fire (engagement of stations) movement will be done with the bolt open and back for bolt guns and with the safety on for semi-autos. If you close the bolt prior to being on target you will be required to eject the chambered round before continuing. (See PRS Rules as well)
  4. (When applicable) Stage RO’s are reasonable and fair, their word is final. Without incontrovertible evidence to dispute your claim, the Match Director will side with the RO. At Squad RO’d events please contact the MD via radio with any dispute issues.
  5. Major disputes or disagreements that potentially fall in a grey area will be resolved by a panel of 3 or more judges. These judges will be made up of the MD, Assistant MD or RO (assuming there is an assistant) and one or more of the attending experienced competitors. This panel will always be of an odd # to facilitate a majority decision and this decision will be final! 
  6. Muzzle Velocity violations will result in a match DQ. Occasionally LRC will have random checks of muzzle velocities during our events. If any one of your rifle’s velocities exceeds 3200fps you will be immediately asked to put your rifle away and forfeit your event score! We recommend that you never set your average velocity higher than 3150fps to allow for temperature change and other factors from causing your load to exceed the 3200 limit.  Steel is expensive and setting this limit greatly extends the life of our targets! Also this reduces the likelihood of fire as higher velocity impacts produce higher temperature of heat in the bullets shrapnel.

  1. After each competitor finishes a stage, they will be asked to approve their stage score, Practiscore or Paper, which ever is in use.
  2. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by the tiebreaker stage.(unless there is sufficient time for a shoot off)
  3. Steel scoring and spotting: Only impacts will be called out to help our scorekeepers stay on track. Our spotters are usually experienced. If you have a question about a call the spotter made, take it up with the RO. That being said, we’re all human. In the event that a mistake is made or a spotter does not catch a hit, we will do our best to correct it. However, our spotters and RO’s have final say.

Definitions for LRC’s FPR Matches:


Experienced: Determined by what ever comes first. Has competed in a minimum of 10 practical precision rifle events or has achieved top 3 placement in at least two events.

Novice: Any new competitor having competed in less then 10 FPR or PRS style events. A novice that has placed in the top 3 more than once will no longer be eligible to run novice class time frames!

Rookie:Any novice class shooter who competed in 2 or less FPR, PRS or Hunter style steel LR events in the previous calendar year. To be eligible for Rookie of the year you must provide your match history to LRC at least a month prior to final season event.

Senior: Any competitor over 55 years of age at the beginning of current year. Seniors always have the option of running the Novice time frames.

Hunter: Class intended for avid hunters using  hunter class limited rifles to engage realistic kill zone sized targets out to 700 yards. Rifles(2018) limited to 11lbs and 5 round mag or less. Mags may not be removed during any stage. Additional rounds must be single feed only!

Unsupported: Not having assistance for the shooter available from any means. This means nothing other than the sling of your rifle and your physical body assisting in supporting the position. 

Off-Hand:A standing position using only your arms and upper body to support the Rifle. Shooter erect on both feet, no other portion of the body touching the ground or any supporting surface/device. The rifle will be supported by both hands, the cheek and one shoulder and upper arm. The elbow or back of the forward arm may be placed against the body or rested on the hip.

Unsupported Kneeling: Buttocks clear of the ground, but may rest on one foot. The rifle will be supported by both hands and one shoulder/arm only. The arm supporting the rifle must rest on the knee or leg and Rifle’s For-end may directly touch/rest on for-leg. The elbow of the trigger arm may contact anywhere on the body but not the ground. One knee must be touching the ground. Only the pants and underclothing may be worn between the shooter’s buttocks and heel/foot. A jacket or other article may not be placed between these two points. Shooters foot may be positioned at any angle, to include placing the side of the foot and the lower leg in contact with the ground. Magazine may be used as support off knee, hand or leg only.

Unsupported Sitting: Weight of the body supported on the buttocks and the feet or ankles, no other portion of the body touching the ground. The rifle will be supported by both hands and shoulder/arm only. Arms may rest on the legs at any point above the ankles. 

Unsupported Prone:Body extended on the ground, head toward the target. The rifle will be supported by both hands and one shoulder only. No portion of the arms below the elbows shall rest upon the ground or any artificial support, nor may any portion of the rifle or body rest against any artificial support. The magazine may not compress the coat to the ground or contact the ground directly so as to provide artificial support.

Standing:Erect on both feet with rifle pocketed in one shoulder, any means of support allowed unless limited in the stage description.

Sitting:Buttocks must be in contact with the ground with rifle pocketed in one shoulder, any means of support allowed unless limited in the stage description.                                    
Artificial Support:Any means of support other than that provided by the shooters own body or rifle sling. Examples include but are not limited to bean bags, tripods, bipods, bundled up clothing, backpacks, rear bags, shooting sticks, mats, fence posts etc.
Note:As a general rule if the stage description does not include the terms unsupported or off-hand and has no other support limitations clearly described then the shooter has the liberty as how to best build their position.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Feb 2nd Cold Bore Challenge Fundraiser

Side Match details! You don't need to be signed up for our LRC FPR #1 Match to participate in the Cold Bore Challenge.

8am Shooters Brief!

-Entry per round(each round could use up to 4 or 5 shots) is $20 cash.

-Winner takes 50% of Pot, remaining 50% goes to fund our moving target repair costs.

-# of rounds depends on interest but our goal is to keep length of event under 1 hour.

Immediately following our shooters brief for LRC's first match of the 2019 season all shooters, participating in the CB fundraiser or not, will proceed with all their match gear to LRC's primary long range tier. Those not participating in side match will be asked to assist with spotting and scoring.

-First 10 shooters will line up in prone position with next 10 shooters lined up behind them ready in waiting.
-First shot will be fired by a non-competing volunteer as to make it fair for first competitor. Then each competitor in Left to Right order, as they are instructed to engage target, will engage target with only one round.

              -A miss will eliminate you from the round.

              -Get an impact and you move on.

-On the next target the same process is repeated until only one shooter successfully impacts the chosen target. This shooter will be the winner of the first round. Subsequent rounds will be run if there is both sufficient interest and or sufficient time to do so!

-Only rifles that fall within our Muzzle velocity(< 3200 fps) and
Muzzle Energy(< 3300 ft lbs) match restrictions are eligible for the Cold Bore Challenge.

-Target distances will range from 600-1250 yards and 1-2 MOA in Size.

Questions? Email Glen at
900 yards, cold-bore with DRW 2014 7Zig-06. I held on left stand leg for wind!

Friday, November 16, 2018

2018 LRC FPR Club Series Finale & Season Awards Gathering

Finale Results at link below!

LRC Competitors,
Our Season Finale will be Held on December 1st with Shooters Meeting starting at 8am, rounds down range by 8:30. Cost is only $60 as we have not had the time to round up a ton of sponsors. Defiance Machine will be donating a cert or two, Schnee's has promised a couple items and likely there will be couple more.
This is a stand alone match with Trophies for Top 3 Overall and Top Hunter as well as determining our 2018 season champions.

Registration Link: Please if you are planning to attend get registered ASAP so we can plan accordingly! You are not required to pay to get registered due to a small chance of extreme weather causing a cancelation. However please log back in to Practiscore a few days before match to pay as doing so will increase efficiency Saturday Morning. Thanks!

**Practiscore Details to know**
    1-Be sure to enter your first and last names correctly: Example- Glen Demaray 
          It must be the same every time you register or it will not credit your season standings properly!
    2-Select the proper Division. Precision or Hunter
    3- Select the proper Classes. Exp, Novice, Senior, Rookie, Junior and Lady. Note that you should select Rookie if it's your first full season of competition and this should be selected along with your Novice/Senior/Junior or Lady Class. 

Note that this season we had zero Ladies and only one Junior compete in more than one match so no awards will be given in these classes. :( We really need to round up more Junior and Lady shooters! Tyler Wood shoot two Precision and One Hunter so he's eligible for top Hunter only.

Season Awards and LRC Potluck Social will be held Sunday December 2nd from 1pm till 4pm with Trophy Presentation to start around 2pm. Don Schmidt has graciously opened his home to the LRC Community for this event, please be sure to thank him! Also let me know what food items or dish you can supply so we can keep this a low cost event, thank you. Directions to Don's will be sent to all LRC Members and season competitors.

Below are the current season standings going into the finale! (Note that your 3 highest scores plus the finale will determine your end of year placements)(Hunters will use your single highest season score plus season finale score) Please review your points and let us know if you find any errors or just have questions.
I want to personally thank all of you for your continued support of the LRC Club Series and helping in all the hard work it takes to put these events on!


SEASON TROPHY EXAMPLES: Hunter Class to be a surprise!
Be Sure to check out our trophy Sponsor and refer them to your friends and clients, Cam and Brian do such phenomenal work!

FINALE TROPHY's will be provided by Outlaw Woodworks! These will be of aged and or burnt wood. No current example on these so you'll just have to shoot to check them out!

Current Finale Sponsors:

Sunday, August 12, 2018


We want everyone to please reach out and thank all of our DEFY THE DISTANCE match sponsors!!

Title Sponsor:

Match Sponsor:

Match Sponsor:

Diamond Level Sponsor:

                                  3) Free barrel certs @ $320 each  2) Miller brake with install certs @ $210 each
                    1) tactical brake with install cert @ $240 each
                    3) Sets Benchmark bipod feet @ $55 each          2) Miller brakes @ $85 each
                    2) Tactical brakes @ $105 each

Diamond Level Sponsor:
X 5
Still to come: (We will add info as we get it)
US Optics
XLR Industries
DM Targets
Montana Metal Art Trophies (1st-3rd Open)
Outlaw Woodworks Trophies (4th- Top Senior)
Starline Brass
AEM Precision
Seekins Precision
Acela Truck Co. (Builder of Awesome All Terrain Trucks, stage prop both days)


Defy The Distance Precision Rifle Series Points Race Match Event
Presented by Defiance Machine and hosted at LRC Montana.
 MATCH Directors: Glen Demaray and Brian Pulver
 Cost:$220 (no refunds)
Dates: September 8-9 Registration: Opens May 8th 
MATCH REGISTRATION LINK  Registration Closed Sept. 2nd at 11pm.
Round count will be 190-200 bring a few more to confirm zero, etc. Competitors will be able to check zero and drops at 100 yards, 400 yards and 700 yards on Friday the 7th from 2-7pm. (No other targets may be engaged at that time! Doing so will result in a match DQ!!) This is also the time for early check in though that will last till 8pm. Shooters arriving early Saturday can check in between 6:30 and 7:15 am.
There will be 10 field stages shot by everyone on day one’s COF at LRC. Day two will be 8 stages (9 if we exceed 80 shooters) facing the opposite direction which will be more quickly paced and require increased positional and time management skills. This should add some excitement to finish out the competition. The highest round count stage will be 15 and require a mag change with 10-11 rounds being average.
The only equipment restrictions are caliber, velocity and no more than 2 support bags. This means only 2 bags per shooter during engagement of any stage. Bags are limited to 12” cubed! Backpacks will almost always be allowed for shooting support.
The speed limit is 3,200fps for all calibers, chamberings allowed for this match range from 223Rem to 300WM. If at anytime your speeds are in question, you will shoot through a LabRadar or Ohler 35 to verify your speed. If it’s over speed then it will constitute an automatic DQ, no refunds will be given.
There will be only one match brief at the beginning of each day. You will start as a squad and move from stage to stage as a squad. We may provide squad cards to simplify proper rotation of the shooting order with in each squad. Example: Stage 1 shooter order is A-B-C, Stage 2 shooter order is B-C-A and so on as squads progress through each stage.
The COF will be simple and if you have any questions your R/O will answer them before you are put on the clock.
You will want to book Hotels early as Three Forks can get really busy with Archery Hunters coming in for the early season. Bozeman and Belgrade are also within 45minuts and have lots of hotels. Dry camping will be available on site, $20 for RV’s and $10 for Tents, please contact us with your intent as it will be on a first come basis. We can fit 12-18 RV’s on site!
Check in and Zero will be Friday Sept 7 starting at 2pm on the LRC Primary Shooting Facility. Friday is the only day you can check zero and the LRC Facility will go cold at 7pm for any last minute COF corrections. Competitors will receive the course of fire Booklets at check in.
You may sell your slot to another competitor but please inform us immediately via email and pass along all of their contact info!
Know your PRS Rule Book! It will be the shooters responsibility to honor the rules. LRC also has our own clarifications on positional rules, we will be sending those attached in our next email and posting them on our Article Page (Blog).
Saturday September 8th  @ LRC:
6:45 RO Meeting
7:15 AM Match Brief
7:30 AM Move to Stations  
8:00AM Rounds down range
12:00PM Snacks and water provided
5:00PM Dinner Provided at LRC
** D&M Targets Charity Shoot for the Unicorn!!
$20 for 5 shots at 1640yards (Most hits out of 5 takes the Target!)

Sunday September 9th  @ LRC:
6:45 AM RO Meeting
7:15 AM Match Brief
7:30 AM Move to Stations  
8:00 AM Rounds down Range
12:00 PM Snacks and water provided
2:00 PM Match completion: Food, Drinks and Social hour. Location will be the 40 x 40 Event Tent just South of Cotton Wood trees in draw behind primary range.
2:45 PM Trophies and prize table.
3:45 Call it a wrap!