Thursday, November 16, 2017

2017 LRC Current Season Standings

Most recent updated scores!
Please give us a couple days edit season Precision Scores... More info has come in.
Precision Class Season Standings. Currently most of the LRC Competitors have their outside match scores added in. Please contact Glen if you know which outside score you'd like added to your average. Those of you who have only shot two precision class event's at LRC will definitely want a third score to add in. TOTAL SCORE IS THE TOTAL OF YOUR TOP 3 SCORES ADDED TOGETHER. YOUR FINALE SCORE WILL BE ADDED TO THIS TOTAL TO DETERMINE YOUR YEAR END PLACEMENT. First YES at right of score is for Novice Class, second is for Senior Class.

HUNTER CLASS: Only your highest match score is used to determine your current season placement going into the Finale on Feb. 3rd. This plus your Finale score will determine season placements.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017 LRC Club Series Finale

WHEN:         Feb 3rd 2018, 7:00 AM
     WHERE:       LRC Facility, Three Forks Montana
COST:           $80 Hunter and Precision Classes

ROUND COUNT: 125 Rounds Precision Class and 60 Rounds for the Hunter Class.
Caliber/Rifle restrictions: Rifle of 300 Winchester Magnum or smaller < 3200 fps.
TARGETS: Reactive steel of known distances between 100 yards and 1200 yards (700 for Hunters).
AWARDS: Will consist of Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Precision Class and Top Hunter for the match it’s self! Season Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series Champions, Top Hunter of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Senior of the Year!!
The Sponsor Prizes will be limited. At this time Defiance is on board for a 50% off receiver certificate and Harrison Gear Muzzle breaks and Swag.
Registration/Payment via website
Contact: Glen Demaray Telephone 406-581-7766

All Match Details Below:
Provide FPR Shooters a challenging yet fun COF that will both improve their practical marksmanship skills while having a great time with other likeminded people.

Course of Fire (COF): 
Long rifles only, bolt or gas, shooters choice. (No Pistols)
There are 8 distinct shooting stations spread out along a main draw line with the shooting lane across into sage draws/ravines stopping just short of a plateau-top. Each station will be marked by a steel post and a numbered marker panel to aid in station ID.
Each Shooter will be given a # based on order of sign up. Shooters will be put in squads of 4-6 that will move together through the course of fire. Squads will be pre-selected by the MD (match director).
Every station will have at least one designated Station RO. RO may request assistance from any competitor not actively shooting the station.
*Note: This is an individual match and as such no coaching/spotting or feedback will be allowed from the other competitors while experienced shooters are shooting on the clock. However RO’s can give feedback to Hunters/Novice/Senior shooters under time if they so request. RO’s will be instructed to only call IMPACT to indicate a scoring hit; otherwise no confirmation will be made. (See LRC Event Rules – Definitions for clarification on Experienced and Novice Classifications)

BEFORE ANY RIFLE CAN LEAVE THE SHOOTING LINE THE RO MUST CONFIRM COMPETITOR’S CHAMBER IS EMPTY AND FIRING PIN IS SNAPPED DOWN! At this point shooter may move and ground rifle in the RO’s designated safe location, muzzle up at all times. After completing a station each squad will need to move to the next station to the left (west). During this movement all rifles need to be carried muzzle up, down or in scabbard pack (like Eberlestock). There will be a shotgun start with squads on each station to increase efficiency. A staging line will be set up behind the first station where squads ready to start the course will wait. In order to help station RO’s from distractive & excess noise, please hold your squads back 25 yards when stacking up occurs at a station. Move up only once previous squad has completed all shooting at that station.

All stations will have 2 posts from 5-20 yards out designating the pie shaped target engagement area. All targets will be painted Black, White, Light Blue or Yellow alternating every station to limit confusion. A few target engagement zones may overlap, thus the alternating colors.

Most targets can be ranged with any device, electronic or otherwise and will be of known distance. Target distances will vary between approx. 100 yards and 1200 yards. Non-electronic Stations require all targets to be reticle ranged with out the use of phones, calculators or Kestrels. UKD stations, unless designated non-electronic, may be ranged with any device.
There will be a marked area about 5 yards wide that must be shot from within (Arms reach either side of post); any questions on this should be directed to the station RO’s, as props will create variations to this rule. When competitor comes to the shooting line they must ground their rifle with bipod down or over a pack and bag may be placed under but of rifle. NO PRE-SIGHTING OR POSITION BUILDING WILL BE PERMITED PRIOR TO STAGE TIME! Shooters will start standing 4+ feet behind rifles/gear and have one minute to confer with RO on engagement order and target locations. Internal box mags can be pre loaded and DB mags inserted but bolt must be open and back.
Note: RO’s will give a brief description of target locations to the whole squad upon their arrival to each station. (Except blind stations)
The closest target will be the first target engaged at the station and each team will continue to engage all targets at the station from near to far, no exceptions. EXAMPLE: On station #1 shooter engages first target at 590 yards with 2 rounds, then engages second at 640 yards, then 3rd at 860 yards and so on.
Total time allowed will be 3-6 minutes depending on station.  

We want all shooters to help keep the match moving efficiently. The time will be set based off an average experienced shooter engaging the stages at a leisurely pace though a few will certainly challenge all! 

SCORING (stage dependent)
RO must be on the same target as shooter and witness the hit to score it- communication with the ROs will be critical!!

*All hits are worth one point. Each target must be engaged with a minimum of two rounds. Be sure to review each stage COF to be sure!!

-Limited to 300wm or smaller with a maximum velocity of 3200 fps. Exceptions may be made on an    individual basis, contact DRW/LRC to ask.

Come prepared to shoot in positions other than prone, as there will be some positional requirements. Supports such as shooting sticks, tripods and bipods that exceed 15” fully extended will be allowed on a very limited basis!! This means certain stations will not allow their use and others will be run what you brung! Each shooter may have 2 support bags, one rear and one general support bag. These bags should be no larger 12”x10”x6”. Backpacks will almost always be allowed as rifle and or positional support.

Any feedback is always greatly appreciated, as we want all to have the best experience possible!
* Station Scores will be compiled as quickly as possible.
* There will be a staging area marked out for competitors to unpack and ground their rifles upon arrival to the match property. All rifles will remain in their travel cases until placed in the staging area with muzzle pointed in a safe direction. (Not sure of a safe direction? Find an RO or ask another competitor before handling your rifle). If no case is available please carry rifle muzzle up until it is safely grounded. At the staging area your rifle may be removed from case and grounded with Bolt or Action open (chamber flags appreciated). No further handling of rifle will be allowed until match begins.
* Match will start with a shooter's meeting at 7:00 am to maximize daylight and provide ample time for Awards presentation and socializing. Expect at least a 30minute Safety and COF review prior to any match start (Live Fire).
* This is Montana in February!! Dress appropriately. Be prepared for any weather conditions. It most likely will be cool/cold and Windy!!
* Bring your own Snacks/water. We will have water at most stations so stay hydrated!

Match Schedule:

Friday Feb. 2nd   
The range will be closed until 6PM for Range Officer (RO) train up. Those shooters camping at LRC may enter the gate but must heed the caution tape and not cross due to live fire usage by the ROs. 

Saturday the 3rd  (Match day)
6:00AM-7AM: Shooter Check-in. Competitors must pre-register and pay on the website for this event!

7:00-7:30: Shooters Meeting (Will most likely be dark!)
7:30-8:00: Movement to initial stations. (Twilight)
8:15-12:00: Range is hot

Lunch will be a grab as you walk by and take a warm up break in the Wall Tent! The St. Clairs’ have Again offered warm food and a warm tent!! Part of your entry costs go to cover this food! Thanks Rachel and Brandon!

12:00-3:30PM: Range is hot
3:30-4:30: Scoring Compilation
5:00-8:00: Dinner, socializing and Awards with prize table
6:30PM: Match complete, however social hour w

-Shooting Bags: 
Two total and no larger than 12”x10”x 6”
 Any other gear restrictions will be stage dependent.

-Food and Water:
Bring a good water bottle. Bottled water will be available in tent and at the some of the stations. Cold and windy is the forecast so prepare accordingly.
Some warm lunch will be provided, but still bring any snacks needed to keep up your focus and energy while on the course.
We are planning a basic dinner (probably burgers/chips and Salad). Directions will be provided once a location for this meal and Awards presentation has been finalized.
This is currently live at
Registered Shooters will receive their Course Booklet PDF via email on Wednesday the 31st  and a Course Booklet hardcopy at match check-in Saturday.

Dry camping is available on site. No running water is available.

SAFETY FIRST!! KNOW YOUR MUZZLE DIRECTION AT ALL TIMES!! SWEEPING ANYONE WITH YOUR MUZZLE WILL BE GROUNDS FOR AN IMMEDIATE MATCH DQ!!!! Magazines must be removed from rifle and no loaded internal mags when rifles are not on the active shooting line.
*Hearing and eye protection must be worn by all shooters and Range Officers. Exceptions to eye protection only for active spotters.
**Accidental Discharges of any kind will be grounds for immediate match DQ!! A DQ’d shooter will be allowed to accompany your squad for the remainder of match but will not be able to handle any firearm. This is done to EMPHASIZE how crucial it is not to send any rounds over the backstops and into/over the buffer zone!! There is potential for human activity because buffer zone ends approx.  850 yards past furthest targets to north.

Any disagreements with an RO will be noted by that RO and brought to the attention of the Match Director (MD) at the end of the match. At NO TIME will confrontational behavior be tolerated!! This would be grounds for an immediate match DQ and removal from match property. Any grievances should be brought directly to the MD at the completion of the match. RO’s will use enhanced hearing protection to maximize communication!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LRC 2017 FPR Series #2 BSRV Open

The first Annual Big Sky RV Open Rifle Golf Event is now in the books! I want to recognize first and foremost all the effort and financial resources put forth by the crew at Big Sky RV in Bozeman. Donavon and Kelsie Fredrickson really did a top notch job as the Title Sponsor and Hosts for this event. Kelsie personally made every one of the 40 lunches they provided on Sunday and Donavon did all the homework rounding up additional sponsors for the prize table while also donating $ for gift certs for low stage scores. As Facility Director I really hope LRC can continue to bring on more supporters like the Fredricksons! 
Check them out at 

This was the first event at LRC of its kind with respect to the golf style scoring system and indeed there were a few bugs to work out. I changed from the percentage system to a placement based system for calculating series points to help even out the large variances penalty scoring caused. We have already figured out how to weight the system to work much better for next years event so hope you’ll all be back!
Many thanks to all 33 shooters we had turn out for this LRC Series Match! With out you these events could not take place!! All the volunteer RO’s did excellent and we cant thank them enough for their time and assistance… Thank you all!
The weather ended up being decent considering the forcast, winds were 5-20 mph with Temps ranging from about 42’ to 60’ F with off and on clouds and blustery spits of rain.
Attached are all the results and station scores:
          Precision Class had a 3 way tie for 3rd
Carl Ross            1st     
Casey Ming         2nd
Eric Simplot        3rd
Jarrod Wanderl   3rd  (Top Novice)
Donavon F          3rd

Paul Stafford       (Top Senior)

         Hunter Class
Mike Yagelski      1st
Tyler Wood         2nd (Top Junior)
Paul Jarvis          3rd

As facility director here at LRC Montana I’d like to recognize all the additional sponsors supporting the range and this event in kind. Please thank and be sure to check out these companies and their products!! As they are supporting us!
        -Precision Shooting Systems Mover Donation
         -Mountain Tactical Company                  Mover Donation
         -Montana Metal Art                           Always Awesome Trophies!
         -Harrison Gear             Provided Prize table items for season!
         -Sievert Construction            Provided Gift Cert
         -Yellowstone Bank                Provided Prize Table Items
         -Murdochs                            Provided Gift Certs
         -Schnees Boots                    Provided Gift Certs
         -Warhorse Development      Provided LRC Gate Sign/Bags
         -Chase Fisher and Noreen Firearms donated Mill Dot master
                  and Mag Pull DBM 

Next match, Art of the Rifle Team Dual is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday July 22-23rd at 7:30 am. Pre-registration and payment will open on Monday May 15th on the website. This will be our first team event held on the LRC facility and will be designed to highlight our experience and capability to host a national level event! We hope you will put it on your calendars to ether shoot or volunteer RO as 20 are needed. We’re always looking for additional sponsors to come on board and donate what ever they can to improve our prize table and the overall event.